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Our MissionTo impart the joy of play to youth by growing and establishing the sport of futsal in Mobile and its communities, and providing year-round opportunities for all youth to learn and play futsal, and street soccer, in safe, creative, and encouraging environments.

Announcement: All events remain suspended due to Covid-19

Club News

On Futsal, and developing the best players

When I was younger the coaching director of the state gave advice to us youth players in the form of three things that we should do to become the best players we could become; 1) we should watch the best players play, 2) we should play with the best players, and 3) we...

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Strength in Skill

It is something of a strange idea to many here in the lands of American football that bigger, faster, stronger are not be the top attributes players should have for a sport. But for futsal, and soccer, this strange idea is important to acknowledge as accurate. When I...

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Upcoming Events

Futsal Fridays

Stotts Park Tennis Courts

3pm – 5 pm

What is Futsal?

Futsal is the internationally recognized indoor soccer game that is played in nearly every country around the globe. It is played indoor or outdoor, on a hard, smooth court slightly larger than a basketball court. The futsal ball is smaller in size than an outdoor soccer ball, and has reduced bounce which keeps it from bouncing uncontrollably on the hard surface. A goal at either end of the court is watched over by a goalkeeper from each team. Balls that roll out of bounds are returned to play by kick-ins within four seconds of placing the ball. Hands and arms are not allowed except by the goalkeeper, who restarts what would be a goal kick in soccer with a thrown ball in to a teammate. The sport invites limited physical contact in a way similar to basketball, with a foul limit placed upon each team to discourage persistent penalties. The game is played with 5 players including goalkeepers on each team, with substitutions allowed to be made in the run of play. 

"To play is to be"

Futsal Mobile seeks to establish and promote the sport of futsal within Mobile County and its communities. In addition,Futsal Mobile endeavors to go beyond solely being a club or organization focused on futsal. Through civic engagement and community-centered events Futsal Mobile strives to connect communities through social, charitable, and sporting means, and to foster life-long ties between youth, their community, and being active in the sport of futsal.

Our Programs

Free Play

At the heart of Futsal Mobile's  philosophy of player and child development lies the desire to help foster an intrinsic desire and motivation to play within its  players. Free-play and pick-up games are to be found at the center of the stories of all greatest players childhoods. It is not uncommon for youth around the world to play upwards of 4 hours daily without coaches, uniforms, shin guards, or other specialized equipment; what is needed is a ball at their feet, and their friends and family to play with. Free-play and pick-up sessions are open to all regardless of skill level. Join us Fridays for Futsal Fridays, and Saturday for 'Street' Soccer Saturdays! Check the Home tab, Facebook, and join the Remind Group for up to date schedules, dates, and times.

USYF League

Futsal Mobile's futsal league will be sanctioned by U.S. Youth Futsal to provide a nationally recognized youth futsal league to Mobile. U.S. Youth Futsal is the largest and fastest growing youth futsal organization in the United States.

The league will provide an environment for players of all levels and ages to play and learn the game of Futsal by:

  • Focusing on technical skill development and play vs. winning and game results

  • Utilizing US Soccer certified referees who understand and help foster the spirit and art of the game

  • Matching teams of similar skill in appropriate divisions and age groups where possible


Referees for sanctioned events will be trained USSF Futsal Certified Officials. While striving to offer low-cost, inclusive opportunities to Mobile, we also strive to offer the highest quality programming. Trained, educated, and experienced referees are a vital part of successful games and leagues. All referees will be treated with respect and gratitude by players, parents, staff, and coaching personnel. In mid-May 2019 the first dozen USSF Futsal-certified referees were trained in Chickasaw, AL. We thank and respect all referees for their interest in the sport and the crucial role they play in providing sporting joy for our youth!

Chickasaw Futsal & Soccer

Coach Aden began the futsal & soccer program in Chickasaw, AL and will continue to develop, support, and help run this community-based program. Futsal Mobile - Chickasaw will offer elementary age boys and girls from Chickasaw and Prichard the opportunity to play, learn, and find joy in the sports of futsal & soccer.

Team & Individual Training

Futsal Mobile will offer personal training sessions for teams and individuals wishing to learn more about the techniques and tactics of the sport. Teams entering the Futsal Mobile League will benefit from team training with Coach Aden prior to, and during the league season. Individual training sessions may be beneficial to some players, or for small groups wishing to improve their futsal skills and knowledge.

Futsal Mobile Volunteers

Futsal Mobile is always open to partnering with individuals and groups to help accomplish our goals. Please send us an email if you are interested in contributing to our mission in person, resouces, or with donations, and we will work to help you get involved. In particular we are consistently on the lookout for gymnasiums willing and able to partner with us for futsal use.

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